HP 3D High Reusability PA 12

PA 12

Fine detail and high dimensional accuracy Get precise small features and detail such as small fine holes, walls and shafts with dimensional accuracy thanks to HP’s unique Multi-Agent printing process 

Produce strong quality parts Robust thermoplastic that optimizes part quality with cost, producing strong structures

Produce complex parts and lattice structures Ideal for complex assemblies, housings,
enclosures and connectors

Lowest Cost-Per-Part

• Optimize cost and part quality,
with a cost-efficient material that offers industryleading reusability.
• No need to throw away reused powder anymore.
• Produce quality parts batch-after-batch reusing surplus powder time after time.
• Achieve minimal powder wastage between production cycles.
• No need to track powder history. Stable performance with only 20% refresh rate.

Optimized for HP Multi Jet Fusion: the best balance between strength and reusability

• A strong thermoplastic for functional prototyping and final parts.
• Optimized for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion platform to increase printer safety and deliver truly
functional parts.
• Produce high-density parts, with balanced property profiles.
 Excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkalies.
• Optimal for post finishing processes.