The world of additive manufacturing and the Coronavirus


The world of additive manufacturing and the Coronavirus

News from a global acting 3D printing company

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by this devastating virus.

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus originating in Wuhan, China is shaking the global economy. The outbreak has affected every major industry in the world from entertainment to technology. As the team of PLG Global, we want to reassure all our partners that any business shared with our Chinese partners, has not (yet) been affected.

Furthermore, we are fully confident in offering the option of outsourcing your production to a different facility in the United Kingdom or Europe. If you are struggling with project deadlines due to Chinese factory closures, we have the capacity within our Additive Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping and CNC-departments.

Please visit our website for our in-house competencies and our global manufacturing network.

Nevertheless, we are sending good thoughts to all the people in need.