zortrax apoller post processing

Zortrax Apoller

Smart Vapor Smoothing from Zortrax

The Zortrax Apoller is a smart device for automatically post-processing 3D printed parts. It corrects the visible layer traces of the FDM technology with acetone vapors or MEK. The smoothing process can happen without supervision, and makes your 3D models look similar to injection-molded parts. As we are used from Zortrax hardware – the Apoller works with all external printers using ABS, HIPS and ASA-based filaments.

Ease of use and speed

The automated smoothing process is easily set up and takes around 3 hours.

SVS Technology

SVS is Zortrax unique technology of Vapor smoothing.

Consistent quality

All surfaces are evenly smoothed – regardless of their geometry.

Certified safety

The Apoller is certified with an EU ATEX certificate of safety.

Wide compatibility

The Apoller is one of the few post-processing machines that works with all printers using ABS, HIPS or ASA-based filaments.

Compatible with all FDM/FFF 3D printers

This post-processing machine can optimize the surface of your 3D printed parts. As your productivity rises when using 3D printing farms instead of traditional reaction injection molding. The possibility of making the parts look similar convinces many new clients to implement 3D printing in their production.

zortrax apoller post processing

A flexible manufacturing plant

3D printing farms can cost-efficiently deal with low to medium scale production by moving it in-house and making on-the-fly adjustments possible. Complemented by Apoller post-processing devices, they can now offer products’ quality on par with injection molding.

3D printing in low-scale production

High costs per unit and decreased flexibility are the major issues of 3D printing with low-volume production. Thus, many companies decide to produce their parts with conventional injection molding technologies. But not anymore. This affordable post-processing machine works automatically and makes 3D printed parts look like they have been injection molded. Therefore, it eases the implementation of 3D printing in companies with a low-scale production volume.

With the Apoller, the manufacturing industry is slowly revolutionising. More and more companies are ready for the transition to local digital manufacturing.  Be part of the Link To the Future and contact us – our engineers are happy to consult you personally.