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Kalite Kontrol

What is a 3 Dimensional Quality Control?

Engineering 3-Dimensional Quality Control is the evaluation of industrially manufactured parts in detailed measures by using 3D Quality Control Systems. Especially during pre-production stage of the manufacturing life cycle, this method can effectively optimize the final product.

What is Low-Volume Manufacturing?

Low-Volume Manufacturing or pre-mass production is a fast manufacturing technique for low quantity production before the actual serial production begins. The printed objects can be used for tests and analyses in order to eliminate possible weak spots before large investment.

Rim Kalıplama

What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse Engineering represents different meanings for different industries. For manufacturing industries, it’s the process of CAD data generation for any given end product with the use of digitalization systems. In another word, it’s the discovery of engineering secrets of any given end-product.

Rapid Tooling

Rapid Tooling is changing the manufacturing industry by revolutionizing injection molding. We are supporting conventional production of plastic parts with selective laser sintering. In this case, the mold tool is 3D-printed. This opens new possibilities in design and minimizing the product development cycle. Learn with us how to modernize your production and lower your lead times.


What is Rapid Prototyping?

Rapid Prototyping is about producing the parts with exact or close characteristics to prevent possible mistakes before a mass production process. At a much lower amount (like 1 to 100 units) in comparison to mass production or pre-mass production, and based on the geometry of any given part, it’s possible to produce it in a few hours to a few days. You can manufacture your parts in basically 5 different maufacturing technologies.

Product Development

Product Development or product management, is the conceptualization, design and marketing of your branded product through the whole product life-cycle. The goal of this management discipline is to meet the changing market conditions and to fully satisfy the costumer’s needs. In the long-term, this goal has the purpose of maintaining the competitive position of your company’s brand. Thus, the target group should be involved in the early product development process. 

Topology Optimization 1-1

Topology Optimization

Topology optimization focuses on mass reduction while maintaining performance. The latest programs of this technology are calculating the best possible mechanical design. We can help you to optimize your part’s design and its durability. Learn how our engineers can shorten your lead times and increase your object’s performance.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is a production method using computer numerical controlled system. It enables high-speed production of parts with high precision. By eliminating the chance of human error, it provides higher and more constant quality. With our PLG Global manufacturing network, we can produce your designs with CNC machines at any time.

Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures support any operation that requires a precise relationship in the position of a tool to a work piece. Since complex applications need individual support, 3D-printing benefits from its freedom of design. We produce individual 3D-printed jigs and fixtures for your project in highest quality. Learn about it and become part of the Link to the Future.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.