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Service Bureau

A unique supplier who understands your necessities before you address them

Through service bureau you don’t have to have all the technologies and skilled engineers to give your customers a more comprehensive 3D technology option.

Due to the increasing momentum of 3D Technologies in the 21st century, it is now very difficult to have each technology and capability in your own machine shop. Some industrial design offices have 3D scanning machines, but no rapid prototyping skills. Meanwhile, service bureaus may have 3D printers and might need low-volume manufacturing techniques for their customers’ pre-series necessities. Even all-inclusive ones may suffer from lack of post processing abilities. Therefore, we are the 3D partner that is offering all related service bureau. 


quality control

Broad Additive Manufacturing Menu

Most of the service bureaus are trying to be expert in their niche such as FDM or SLA. As we all know, each technology has its unique advantages and disadvantages. That’s why PLG Global gives you the opportunity to access all A.M. technologies by the help of our intercontinental network. Send your RFQs to us for technologies like MJF, SLS, FDM, SLA, DLS, PolyJet, SLM, EBM, DMLS and Binde Jetting..

low volume manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (=A.M.) is mostly known as rapid prototyping. That is the reason, other service bureaus are generally producing one to five parts. When the number of parts rises, the cost per piece tend to be higher than mass production. In such a situation, our vacuum casting and RIM technologies would be a medicine to your wound. Just send us your data and let us evaluate it from the point of low-volume-manufacturing techniques. 

3d reverse engineering

Complimentary Reverse Engineering

You can use our portable 3D scanner network in wherever you need it. According to your needs, we can offer you both optical- and laser based professional systems in any place on the earth.

Rapid Prototyping

Economies of Agglomeration

Some parts of the world may offer a variety of advantages to service bureaus due to local market characteristics. We know how to match top quality services with most affordable prices. After signing our NDA, you are ready to match with a perfect partner for your project.

rapid prototyping


Unfortunately, one of the most common disadvantages of A.M. is surface quality. Even while using SLA- or Objet technologies, you may need some extra work. That’s why, our finishing and post-processing teams are very busy all the time. However, you can reserve your seat while you are ordering. If you order your post-process extra with the quotation, we can arrange our schedule accordingly and send you your post-processed parts. 

Supply Chain

Solid Design Service

Our reverse engineers are ready to convert any of your surface into a solid model. We can also prepare your STL data to be ready for 3D printing. At last but not least, their favourite service is sketch to 3D design. Just send us your idea, and we can make it manufacturable.

Consumer Goods and Electronics

Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

Although we are in the edge of the latest technology, still some designs can be produced cheaper by using traditional techniques. Therefore, our PLG Global Manufacturing Network provides partners offering Metal Casting-, CNC Milling- or Plastic Injection Services. We can update your design according to these techniques’ guidelines and manage the manufacturing project for you.

Topology Optimization 1-1

Topology Optimization

Our professional equipment allows us to manufacture parts that cannot be produced in any other way. More intricate shapes are possible, since we are using 3D printer that are processing objects by adding material rather than removing (e.g. CNC-milling).

Consumer Goods and Electronics material

Material Selection

Our material engineers are expert in their fields and according to your criterion, they can suggest you very specific materials for both additive manufacturing and traditional techniques. Moreover, this service is free of charge. Just leave us a note from our contact page or directly call us. 

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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