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Product Development

What is Product Development?

Product Development, also known as product management, consists of conceptualising, designing and marketing processes of a branded product throughout its life cycle. This process is carried out to fulfil the client’s requirements and adapt to the ever-shifting market conditions. The target audience must be considered at the beginning of the product development stage. As a result, the company brand maintains its competitive status in the long term.

How Does Product Development Work?

The Product Development process resembles a cycle, with many stages practically based on each other. Thus, the method may start with a new product idea or develop pre-existing concepts.

Product Development Cycle using 3D printing

Along with conceptualisation, a brainstorming process must be carried out for each new concept which may be a mechanical part or an end-user product. Furthermore, when deciding, company strategies regarding future product logic, concept, and the worst-case scenario must be considered.

Industrial design has some technical specifications, which can be explained as a part’s concept formation. These specifications are detected by the client when they use a given product.

Mechanical Design is mainly the process in which the production conditions of a part are identified. Among these conditions are production, disciplines, test conditions and regulations. The information acquired in this process paves the way for mass production.

After the design, there must be a detailed analysis of the product. To refrain from errors, each step must be analysed thoroughly. Market research and concept studies should be considered during these analyses to determine the practicality of the idea and what it contributes to the company and the clients.

You can reduce mechanical risks by outsourcing your prototyping to us. In this way, your design becomes valid in a short time. There is a wide range of viable methods on our technology and material portfolio which you can choose from.

Before the manufacturing process is initiated, we can test the 3D-printed prototype of your product. This way, probable design errors are resolved, saving our clients time and money.

Rapid Manufacturing is a way of quickly manufacturing for low-volume production before mass production. The 3D-printed objects are 3D-printed and analysed during this stage to detect and remove any potential weak points. In this way,o your clients avert investing in a final product before it is tested.

The primary operational production of your product begins at this stage. Depending on the product’s characteristics and volume, it can be a job, batch, or flow production. You can contact us, and we can analyse the suitability of your product for 3D printing.

The output should be evaluated before its launch to the market. This evaluation can be done as a whole or with random sample checks. The cycle can start with an optimised concept, as there is usually some room for improvement.

Advantages of Product Development

  • Reducing potential risks and errors
  • Emergence of innovative products
  • Satisfying your clients’ needs entirely by optimised products
  • Adapting to the changing environment
  • Creating measurable designs
  • Creating quality products with excellent design
  • Reducing costs to increase competitive strength

Critical Factors of Product Development

  • Clients’ requirements are defined precisely
  • Product demand is evaluated through market analysis
  • Product feasibility  is checked before investing
  • Communication and listening skills of the designer

Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information. We have experienced engineers looking forward to providing our services according to your needs.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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