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Product Development

What is Product Development?

Product Development or product management, is the conceptualization, design and marketing of your branded product through the whole product life-cycle. The goal of this management discipline is to meet the changing market conditions and to fully satisfy the costumer’s needs. In the long-term, this goal has the purpose of maintaining the competitive position of your company’s brand. Thus, the target group should be involved in the early product development process. 

 This can be accomplished by pre-production market research and pre-production prototyping. Our service to 3D print your unique prototypes helps you to edit the product’s final design towards fully satisfying the customer the customer needs. Also, with the created prototype you can start your marketing efforts at an early stage and consequently minimize your product’s risk to fail.

How to process Product Development?

Product Development consists of a number of actions that are based on each other. The practice of product development either starts from a new product idea, or improves existing concepts.

Product Development Cycle using 3D printing

Determination of concept

Every new concept (mechanical part or end-user product) has to go through a brainstorming process while being conceptualized. Additionally, a company’s strategies need to be identified concerning situations such as future product logic, concept, and worst-case scenario.

Industrial Design

The industrial design, or concept formation of a part is rolled out as a concept with differentiation and technical properties. The customer will perceive these basic concept lines while utilizing the product.

Mechanical Design

The concept of mechanical design defines the part’s production conditions. In this step, the production -disciplines, -conditions, regulations, test conditions etc. are defined. The data produced after this process should prepare your company’s mass production process.

Idea Analysis

The in-depth evaluation of the concept of the product should take place right after the clarification of the designing. Even though this the main analysis-phase, each step should be evaluated itself to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Tools like market research and concept studies are the areas to evaluate binding factors such as the feasibility of the idea, its contribution to your company and your clients.


Outsource your prototyping to us and decrease your mechanical risks by iterations. It helps you to validate your design within days before freezing it. Choose a feasible technique from our broad technology- and material portfolio.

Testing and Verification

The testing of your product’s printed prototype can be done before any manufacturing process starts. This helps you to eliminate possible mistakes in the design and can save a lot of time & money.

Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid Manufacturing is a fast manufacturing technique for low quantity production before the actual serial production begins. The printed objects can be used for tests and analyses in order to eliminate possible weak spots before large investment.

Mass Production

This is the main operational production phase of your product. Depending on its characteristics and the production volume, it can be job-/ batch-/ or flow production. Please contact us and we will evaluate the suitability of 3D-printing your product.

Quality Control

Before entering the market, the production-output needs to be evaluated either as a whole or with random sample checks. Since there is often room for improvement, the circle can start from the beginning with an optimized concept.

Product Development Advantages

  • Reduction of potential risks/ mistakes
  • Emergence of innovative products Emergence of innovative products
  • Fully satisfy your customer’s needs by optimized products
  • Adaption to changing environment
  • Creation of measurable designs
  • Creation of quality products with excellent design
  • Reduction of costs to increase competitive strength

Critical factors of Product Development

  • Customer needs are defined precisely
  • Market analysis evaluates the product’s demand
  • Before investing, check the product-feasibility
  • Highly important communication- and listening skills of the designer

Please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed information. Our experienced engineers are looking forward to present our possible services.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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