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Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Product Design is the process of professional designing of products used by individuals in their daily lives. Throughout the process, product designers must focus on the product’s image, functionality, the value it creates and how the user will benefit from it. It is the combination of each of these processes that makes it possible for a design to become the products that individuals want to use.

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About Industrial Design

The result of a design is the most important thing for clients, and the product’s aesthetics is an essential part of the design process. Even though the product’s characteristics and quality are especially significant, the key criterion for purchasing it depends on its appearance. In this regard, the product must provide the user with ease of use and comfort. The end-user wants to make sure that their experience with the product is good. Clients interested in your product prioritise packaging and assembly as their assessment points. At this point, we must pay attention to the “removal experience”. Packaging and instruction should be the focal points if the customer will assemble the product. Companies like Ikea and Lego are significant examples here. Their market domination essentially stems from how their instructions are followed on packaging and assembly. 

During product design, there should be a consensus on the client’s needs and wishes and the plan that addresses the target group the most. It must be designed so that the client should be drawn to it. Otherwise, the design does not appeal to the target group and thus will not fulfil the client’s needs. 

Another vital point to take into consideration in the product design process is budget. Production economy, clients’ expectations of the budget, and product sales objectives are significant issues in the designing process. If product designers consider these issues before they begin the design process, the design outputs will be more satisfactory.


    • A Powerful Tool in Competition

    There is an ongoing effort among global and local firms to stand out in the marketplace. To make a profit, companies work to improve design strategies to rank foremost among their competitors worldwide. Since we are all trying to make a profit, it is a fact that the market has become more competitive than ever. One of the reasons for it is the rising manufacturing industry in Asia which has redefined the production pattern. There are different ways to reduce production costs, among which regular, disciplined and well-defined processes can be given. As a result, lowering prices cannot be considered a sales strategy. To take advantage of the influential Asian industry, several companies started using outsourcing in their manufacturing departments. Many product manufacturers working on marketing and sales strategies now benefit from the products mainly produced in Asia. It becomes unavoidable for two competing brands to operate similarly, with the same resources, machinery and artistry. Thus, there is only one way to outsell your competitor and stand out in the market: Better industrial design.

    • The Effect of Design

    A distinctive feature and value for any given product is a good design. The user makes a good deal of this distinction, but it also exists as a physical product. Thus, brand value is primarily affected by the satisfaction the user gets from the product they use.

    • Advantages of Professional Support

    From the moment the user starts using the product to the end, a good design has many advantages. But a good designer must have a professional background. It is essential to have a team full of members who are experienced and systematic. For an excellent product to be produced, the team must cooperate.

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