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Industrial Design

What is Industrial Design?

Industrial Product Design is a professional application of the design of products used by people in everyday life. Designers focus not only on the image of the product, but also on how it works, the value it creates and the user experiences it. Many objects that we have and interact with, the product emerges after the combination of these processes. Many products are the result of a design process and the work of professional designers who aim to improve our way of life through design.

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About Industrial Design

The aesthetics of the product is the most important part of the design process and is result the first thing customers think about. Regardless of the characteristics and qualities of the product, the primary criterion for purchasing is what the product looks like. Make sure the product is as comfortable and easy to use as possible. The end-user audience always wants to have a good experience with the product. Packaging and assembly is one of the first things a customer encounters when they are interested in your product. Attention should be paid to the ‘removal experience’. If the customer make the assembly, more attention should be paid to packaging and instructions.For example, companies like Ikea and Lego dominate the market with instructions that can be followed on such topics as packaging and assembly.

When designing, the customer’s wishes, dreams, the design that appeals to the target audience should be agreed upon. Regardless of the product, it should be in the range of the person you are designing. If it is not suitable for the target audience, design efforts will be in vain.

Budget plays an important role in design. When designing, issues such as production economy, customer’s budget expectations, product sales objectives are among the factors that play an active role in the creation of the logic of the design. Considering the above issues before design, the design outputs would be more logical.


  • Powerful tool in Competition

Global and local firms are in a relentless struggle to stand up and step up in a commercial war. Competitors around the world are designing strategies to take your place and gain an advantage. That’s what all the companies do at the end of the day, we’re trying to make a profit. The market has never been so competitive. The rise of the efficient manufacturing industry in Asia has redefined the production pattern. Regular, disciplined and well-defined processes reduce production costs; they made it impossible to compete on prices. Reducing prices is no longer a sales strategy! Today, many brands are filling their manufacturing departments with outsourcing to benefit from the efficiency of the Asian industry. Product manufacturers, working on marketing and sales strategies, with backyards Asia produces only for them. So if the two competitors use the same resources in almost the same factories, same processes, machinery and workmanship; Why does one sell more than the other? Better industrial design!

  • The Effect of Design

Good design creates a distinction and value for its product. Although most of this distinction and value exists as a physical product; some of this is in the user’s mind. The pleasure and satisfaction of a user from use contributes to the value of the brand.

  • Advantage of Professional Support

Good design; provides benefits to the user throughout the life of the product. However, it would be a good choice to work with systematic, experienced teams to uncover important designs. Therefore, it is important for the success of the product to work with the right team when a product is born.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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