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Mechanical Design

What is Mechanical Design?

The mechanical design process consists of creating a machine with a specific purpose for a task. There is a close relationship between mechanical design and industrial design. For this reason, design engineers of both areas must be in touch at all times. PLG Global offers both high-grade mechanical design and industrial design. We invite you to work with our team of experienced design engineers and become part of the Link to the Future with us. If you would like to find out how we determine the appropriate mechanical design for your product, you can get an idea below.

mekanizma tasarımı
mekanizma tasarımı
mekanizma tasarımı

How to do Mechanical Design?

  • Understanding the application:

    The first step our design engineers take is to understand the specific details of the product in order to meet your needs.

  • Brainstorming:

    We have a team for each application to define the new concept of the product design. At this point, they take the customer reviews, technical approaches and material preferences into account and have a debate over each point respectively.

  • Individual idea development:

    After the debate and brainstorming stage, each member of the team works alone for approximately half an hour in order to produce ideas. At the end of this process, each team member figures out the technical facts on design specifications. This process sets the ground for an upcoming debate.

  • Expand the idea:

    Team members explain their own ideas and the whole team comes up with an idea consisting of each of them. Then, the final decision is carried off to the patent owner to be approved. The team finally starts working as a group in order to provide you with the perfect solution according to your specifications.

  • Feasibility analysis:

    According to its CAD data, the part is analysed and checked in terms of mechanical feasibility. This process is important because it enables us to make sure that the product is working smoothly before mass production begins.

  • Visual presentation of the final concept:

    After the feasibility analysis, there is no problem for the team to present the product to the client as the design is free of any flaw. As the development process was thorough, we do not come across any problems during presentation. Visual presentation can be regarded as the final call prior to the mass production stage. We choose the most suitable team members according to the specifications of the product out of our experienced engineers. We provide this internal service in order to meet the requirements of our clientele.

mekanizma tasarımı

Advantages of Mechanical Design

  • Ensuring that your product functions smoothly
  • Analysing your products weak spots according to CAD data, through which you can control your products life cycle
  • Minimising the risk before mass production through an external view into the mechanical design

Critical factors when processing

  • Taking Industrial Design into account, which is a closely related area
  • Specialised industrial and mechanical design engineers should be working concurrently
  • Industrial and mechanical design are the keystones of product design

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