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Mechanical Design

What is Mechanical Design?

Mechanical designing is the process of creating a machine with a special mechanical purpose for a concept or task. Due to the tight relationship to industrial design aspects, their engineers need close communication between each other. PLG Global provides high grade mechanical – and appealing industrial design altogether. Become part of the Link To The Future and work with our experienced engineers. Get an idea about how we find the most appropriate mechanical design for your product below.

mekanizma tasarımı
mekanizma tasarımı
mekanizma tasarımı

How to do Mechanical Design?

  • Understanding the application:

    First, our engineers need to know about the details and specifications of your desired product. If there is an existing product, there might be existing specifications.

  • Brainstorming:

    For every application there is a team responsible for defining the object’s new concept. While brainstorming, the customer views, technical approaches and filament preferences need to be taken into consideration and discussed collectively.

  • Individual idea development:

    As every team member has comprehended the task, everybody takes some time off to produce individual ideas. After around 30 minutes, every individual has produced hard technical facts along the design specification that form the basis for further discussion.

  • Expand the idea:

    At this step, a collective idea is merged consisting of the highlights of every individual idea. The decision needs to be approved by the patent owner and then further specified. Afterwards, the team is working together on finding the perfect solution for you as our client.

  • Feasibility analysis:

    During this stage, the part is checked towards its mechanical feasibility based on its CAD data. This stage ensures the flawless operation of the object’s task before starting the serial production.

  • Visual presentation of the final concept:

    After checking the design, our team is confident to present the application in front of our customers. Due to their integration into the development process, we rarely have problems in the presentation. Thus, this stage can be seen as the last-call before the concept is going into production. All of these steps are done on our behalf with the most suitable engineering team.

mekanizma tasarımı

Advantages of Mechanical Design

  • It defines the smooth functioning of your part towards any automated task.
  • The analyzation of your products weak spots based on CAD data gives your company control over your product’s life cycle.
  • The external view into your product’s mechanical design minimizes the risk before the production starts.

Critical factors when processing Mechanical Design

  • The close related industrial design should not be ignored.
  • industrial– and mechanical design are processed by specialized engineering teams ( communication is key ).
  • industrial- and mechanical design are the cornerstones of product design.

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

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