Long term UV tests on Ultracur3D ST x45

x45 Natural, x45 Clear, and x45 Black

BASF3D Printing Solutions GmbH has performed specific ageing tests for the material Ultracur3D ST 45. Indications on material changes that can occur during the ageing process were studied. It remains the responsibility of the end-users to determine the suitability of all printed parts for their respective application.


The Ageing tests were performed at BASF lab as per the ISO Norm ISO 4892-2:2013 Method B. The specimens were kept under UV light in the range of 300 – 400 nm and intensity of 50W/cm2. The parts were kept behind a glass window in a chamber at 38°C with 50% relative humidity. The parts were kept inside the chamber for up to 4032 hours, where 1000 hours correspond to roughly one year of UV exposure. The table below describes the testing

Test Specimens

35 tensile bars were printed with the material and were kept under high intensity UV light for longer period of time. After the tensile bars were inside the UV oven for a stipulated time, the change in color as well as the mechanical properties like E modulus, Tensile strength and Elongation at break were measured.


The material Ultracur3D ST 45 when printed and post cured shows a little bit of a yellow coloration. After being exposed to UV for up to 4032 hours, the pigmentation or the yellowing of the material was significant. This is however, expected from a clear photopolymer material.