Ultrafuse 316L

Ultrafuse 316L

Ultrafuse 316L is a Metal-polymer composite filament to produce metal components in a stainless steel type 316L using standard FFF printer systems and subsequently an industry standard debinding and sintering process. The filament has a non-slip surface allowing its application in any Bowden or direct drive extruder. Its high flexibility allows it to be funnelled through complex idler pulleys as well as many guide roller filament transportation systems in any printer.

Product Safety

Recommended: Process materials in a well ventilated room, or use professional extraction systems. For further and more detailed information please consult the corresponding material safety data sheets.


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Ultrafuse® 316L filament should be stored at 15 – 25°C in its originally sealed package in a clean and dry environment. If the recommended storage conditions are observed the products will have a minimum shelf life of 12 months.