guality policy

Quality Policy

In the name of PLG Global Product Development and Manufacturing Technology Ltd.

Quality Policy we are providing our customers with after-sales technical services.Depending on the offered engineering services, such as 3D-design, product development, quality control, creation of prototypes or provision with suitable 3D designing -software and -systems, we are always available for individual after-sales- & technical support- services.

As the PLG global family, we always aim to support our customers in the shortest time while charging minimal costs. Adopting costumer orientation as our main principle, we are always at their side. But it is only one reason for many happy international clients. We know that long term relationships are the key for lasting success. Therefore, we are treating every costumer on a basis of three different values such as reliability, transparency & confidentiality.

It is part of our Business Mission to present the most innovative design-, manufacturing- and quality- technologies. Because of that, we are a pioneer in all engineering services using 3D printing and always looking for improvement. This characteristic is supported by the provision of high-class training, in order to maximize our staff’s capabilities. Last but not least, we are constantly improving our activities during our offered services with 3D printers. For that instance, we can call ourselves professionals in the industry and assure an excellent service in all of our provided services. Those factors are essential basics for us to reach our long-term goal of being a multinational high-tech engineering company.We commit.