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Metal FFF Printing, Better Supports, Higher Surface Quality

Ultimaker Cura 5.1 is here and it brings with it simple metal FFF printing, better supports and a higher surface quality. There are some features which came with Metal Expsnsion Kit containing the new DD 0.4 print core and Ultrafuse Support Layer materials. Here are some of them:
  1. There will now be a shrinkage plate which will automatically occur when you are using an Ultrafuse metal material profile. This will prevent the part from being deformed.
  2. The new DD print core is now supported to be used specifically with the new Ultrafuse Support material.
  3. There will now be an interface layer which will automatically be created between the model and the metal support, and between the model and the automatic shrinkage plate. This will make it easier to remove the supports.
With these features, it will now be possible to have a simple and affordable metal FFF workflow. In this way, part printing and debinding & sintering processes will be possible via BASF’s network.

High Segment Resolution & Better Surface Quality

It is now possible to print parts with a higher segment resolution on Ultimaker S-line printers. Models that have smooth curves; such as spheres, cones, cylinders and much more complex parts will have better surface quality because the printing will be carried out with twice as many segments. This was made possible with a new resolution algorithm and removing unnecessary jerks and acceleration from the command within G-code. Removing redundant commands led to less vibrations. G-code files ended up becoming %20 smaller.

Faster printing with support materials

With the new update, it is now possible to achieve faster and more reliable printing with support materials using either Ultimaker PVA or Ultimaker Breakway supports. When printing with the support materials, a new zig-zag pattern will be used rather than the previous triangle pattern. Also, the outer wall around these supports was removed and the density was increased.
It is now possible to print %20 times faster and PVA supports will dissolve faster, which will bring about faster removal of supports. Furthermore, the slicing process will be more intuitive.
If settings are changed from the default ones, you will be notified. In that case, you can identify which ones were changed by going into custom mode, where you will see the altered settings in italics accompanied by an arrow symbol.


  • Material profiles for the upcoming Tough PLA colors (blue, yellow, and gray)
  • Several bugfixes such as security fixes and an issue with monotonic ordering that prevented it from applying to the topmost surface layer of prints
Check out our website for more information on Ultimaker printers and technologies: Ultimaker

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We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.