Aerospace – Defence

At PLG Global we support some of the most advanced industries in the world one of which is the Aerospace and Defence Industry. We produce high-quality parts which have optimised performance. One of our main objectives is to decrease our clients’ lead times. Take a look at
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PLG Global is a certified partner of some of the leading 3D printing companies in the industry. We care about keeping up to date with the latest Additive Manufacturing technologies. We use their hardware in order to mass produce parts for the automotive industry.

At PLG Global we have been providing value added manufacturing services for more than 10 years. We invite you to transition to local digital production with us. By outsourcing the fabrication of your parts to PLG Global we can provide you with a “One Stop Shop”. Please take a look at our case studies to find out how we increase our clients’ efficiency.

Rapid Prototyping with FDM Tech
Consumer Goods and Electronics

Consumer goods & electronics

In today’s world consumer goods and electronics need more individualisation than ever. In order to meet the shifting market conditions our value added services can support this process of meeting the requirements and needs of our clientele. The latest technologies that our engineers use allow more freedom of design. When you tell us the key features of the products you wish to design and manufacture we will work to meet them. By choosing the appropriate additive manufacturing technology we can produce your prototype in the way you want.

Read our case studies to find out how we work to increase your company’s flexibility in production.


With advances in technology the medical industry is growing day by day. It is now characterised by highly individual and specialised products. In order to build the bridge between the manufacturer and the patient the equipment must be high quality, effective and special. We support our clients by providing a competitive personalised service utilising additive manufacturing technologies. As a result you will be provided with optimised products and be able to provide advanced services to your patients. With bio-compatible materials our experienced engineers will help you reach your optimised product.

Take a look at our case studies for detailed information.

3D printing medical
low volume manufacturing

Service Bureau

It has become difficult to have all the necessary technology and equipment in your own machine shop because of the increasing advances in 3D technologies. Many industrial design offices have 3D scanners but without rapid prototyping skills. Service bureaus need to meet their clients’ prototyping requirements and their potential need might for low volume manufacturing processes. Even though they may have 3D printers in house they may lack post processing abilities for example. To meet all these requirement we are the 3D Printing partner offering you a full suite of technologies at your disposal.