Ebalta GM 956 / GM 956-30

GM 956 / GM 956-30

GM 956 / GM 956-30 Properties

– hore A hardness about 30

– shore hardness (flexibility) variable till A 83

– excellent flow properties

– transparent

– easily dyeable

– odourless

– free of mercury

– high tear strength

– RoHS conform



• Prototypes with rubber-like properties

• Flexible parts

In General

This product is a polyurethane system. After use please close the containers carefully. The product can be subject to colour variations due to raw materials, but these colour variations have no influence on the
quality and the properties of the product. Seal porous mould surfaces first (ebalta mould sealer). For optimum mould releasing we recommend a special release agent (like T1-1), which can be applied easily with a brush or be sprayed. Releasing of the mould 2-3 times, evaporate for about 20 min. after each releasing.